God In The Midst Of Our Wilderness

A week or so ago while falling asleep, I had this awesome God-epiphany and instead of writing it down, I told myself I'd remember it when I woke up. Did I? Of course not... Well, I had the general idea in my head, but there was one point, the MAIN point, in particular that I couldn't remember. So... I let it go. I figured if it was God inspired, it would eventually come back to me. Well, at least I hoped...


2017: Year of Transformation

Oh 2017... Where do I even start in my recap of you? 2017 to me was supposed to be my year of Transformation. I was tired at how I was living my life and how my thought life was constantly pointing South. I knew my lifestyle was contrary to what God commands us Christians to live like, so I was determined to change. I needed to. 2016 was a dark year for me in many ways and I wanted to get back to where I was at before.