Letter To My Future Husband, Pt. 9

Dear Future Husband, I am so sorry to say this, but... we need to break up. Now, while the blood has drained from your face and your heart had stopped for a beat or two, I would like to explain myself. I have a good reason, I promise...


Letter To My Future Husband, Pt. 8

I was just thinking about you today while taking a walk during my lunch break at work. It was a nice, relaxing walk, especially as thoughts of you filled my mind.Β  I was thinking about our future together and all that God was going to do in and through our lives together... *sigh* And then fear struck.

Letter To My Future Husband, Pt. 7

My dear future husband, I thought about you today. ... as I drove, I wished I could see you face to face to share with you all that I had been experiencing.