What Exactly Does The Bible Say About Sex Before of Marriage?

Now, I grew up being told sex before marriage is damaging; that it wasn’t God’s original design. I just had never really taken time to look it up for myself. I only took my parents’, teachers’, and pastor’s word for it. They were older than me, so they must know all! – right? But then I went to college and into the real world. Since then, I’ve heard countless points from people who are okay with having sex before marriage. As much as these questions and thought process appear to bring order in my life towards my future spouse, I’m not interested in living based off of human logic. I want to know what GOD says.

Shouldn’t There Be A Difference?

Re-reading this convicted me. Does your life in Christ show a difference? Or do you blend in with those around you?

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Welp, today was fun!

I totally had a great blog post all written and ready to go this afternoon (aka sunday, the 19th) when I accidentally deleted it all right before I had to go to work without saving it in drafts. Gah! Oh well… it happens to the best of us. I apologize. I tried recreating what I wrote before. I think I got it…?

So basically what I was GOING to say earlier was that I have started reading this one book again called “Forgotten God” by Francis Chan. Seriously, I totally recommend it. But as I was reading the first chapter, I came across a section that really stuck out to me… and got me thinking about my life. It’s from page 32:

“And this is the question I just can’t get around: If it’s true that the Spirit of God dwells in us and that our…

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From Endurance to Transformation: Hello 2017

It's been one year; one year exactly since I made a decision I never thought I would be able to make: I let people know who I was. I revealed myself and was terrified of the response. Thankfully, this was the last lesson in healing God was wanting to teach me for that year: my … Continue reading From Endurance to Transformation: Hello 2017