Women Of Purity

If you are looking for inspiration for yourself or for your daughters, below are a list of women who have great influence and who you can trust you and/or your daughters to look up to. These are all women in ministry who have made an impact in my life, although indirectly. I hope their lives, stories, and ministries do the same for you.


Lisa Bevere:

She has a heart for women – for women to rise up and become powerful, to be ones the devil is scared of. If I could choose a spiritual mother, it would be her. Her books have inspired and impacted me in ways I don’t think I could fully explain. I feel like I can take on the world, be the woman God created me to be, and do all that God has called me to do. I wish I could meet with her daily to glean from her wisdom and love.

Christa Black Gifford:

Her book, God Loves Ugly, will rock your world. She lives life with an authenticity that is refreshing and that our world needs. She has been through the valley of death and has come out with a stronger and with a deeper relationship with God. She will help lead you into a more intimate level with God. She’s also an incredible example as a wife and mom.

Lysa Terkeurst:

I wish she could be my mom too. Lysa is the creator of Proverbs 31 Ministries and an amazing role model in many areas. Her books have reached many who have experienced rejection and believing they are unloved. She has a heart for women and helping them grown deeper and more full in their relationship with God. She has incredible wisdom and insight that will leave a mark on your life.

Sheila Walsh:

She has a pretty incredible story. Though diagnosed with clinical depression, she does not let that define her life. She may still have dark and hard moments in her life, but she is full of encouragement, strength, and passion for Christ. She has allowed God to use her and redeem her past as she reaches out to others to impact their lives.

Darlene Zschech:

I remember the moment when I found out she had cancer. I was devastated. Just like with my pastor, I found it difficult to pray for her, fearing because I did so, God wouldn’t heal her. But amazingly, she has beaten the cancer! I look up to her for her faith, which is now more unwavering than before, as well as for her passion of life. She does not let anything tear her down and is using that season of brokenness and pain to bring God glory.

Christine Caine:

Christine is a fiery, warrior for Christ. She is a founder of A21, an organization that works to free those who have been sold into sex slavery. Her team has rescued many from all areas of the world. She has a heart for the unwanted as well, as she was born “unnamed” by the woman who should have loved her unconditionally. But she doesn’t let that define her. Instead, she takes Christ’s name for her to define her life and uses it as fuel to reach the nations.

Kari Jobe:

There are people who can lead worship (I personally say anyone can) and then there are people who can lead you into God’s presence through worship. Kari Jobe is the latter by far. There are only two others in my life with this ability (that I can think of off the top of my head). She wears her heart on her sleeve in every area of her life, especially when she is worshipping God. She is authentic, real, silly, and full of the gift of influence. You can’t listen to her music without feeling a change in your heart.

Audrey Assad:

Her songs have power, though she might tell you otherwise. She is authentic and real and I have the upmost respect for her because of this. She has taken the embarrassing stories from her past and has allowed God to use her to touch the lives of many. If you get a chance to check out her testimony, do so!

Britt Nicole:

I have loved Britt Nicole since I was young. I could listen to her music all day and I could listen to her speak all day. She has a influence that is not like any other – she can build bridges with many in interesting ways. In fact, her song “Gold” can be heard in many “secular” places as well as different movies.

Rebecca St. James:

If you’ve been a Christian since the 90s, you’ve probably heard of her and her song, “Wait For Me.” It may be a little cheesy, but I love the power of the lyrics. Rebecca is one of my biggest role models as she has a huge heart for purity and waiting for your future spouse. She’s written quite a few books about it that are very informative and inspirational.


Taylor Madu:

She has incredible story of God’s redemption and has written a powerful song about it. I love how passionate she is about God, life, her husband, and her kids. God has done an incredible work in her life and I love how she uses her influence to reach those who have been in similar situations like hers. If God can change her life, He can change yours or anyone else you know as well.


Natalie Grant:

Natalie and her friend Charlotte started a women’s conference, Dare To Be, a few years ago that I would go to every year if it was hosted here in Portland, OR area. She has an incredible heart for women’s ministry, for the “every day woman” as well as those held captive in sex slavery. I love how she uses her impact to change lives, not only through this conference, but also through her music.

Jamie Grace:

If you have any young teenage girls in your life, whether biologically or just in general, I encourage you to introduce Jamie to them. She has a heart for the young and their relationship with Jesus. She is fiesty, authentic, funny, and inspiring. She’s in her early 20s and has a way of encouraging young women in the area of relationships/lack thereof. Every time I hear her talk or joke about relationships, I’m encouraged to continue keeping my standards and waiting for God’s best.

Brooke Fraser:

She’s quirky, funny, and does her own thing. Her faith remains a vital part of her life and you can see it influence her music. She also has written some of the most amazing Hillsong songs.

Carrie Underwood:

She knows her standards and sticks with them; Hollywood has no reach when it comes to her. This is what I love most about Carrie. Since she rose to fame from American Idol years ago, her character has remained unwavering.

Alyssa Quilala:

She and her husband have experienced some of the deepest pits in life, yet her faith has grown through all of it. If you are going through any disappointing and discouraging seasons, I encourage you to seek her out. She She’s a great role model in life as well as a wife and mom.